Week ending March 26

this week…

Maundy Thursday,  April 13, with Communion Service: 6:00pm

Good Friday Service, April 14, Noon

Easter Sunday, April 16
7:00am at WaterColor Inn
8:30am and 10:00am at ASF


“The Traveling Twenties”

(AKA Random Acts of Kindness)
“The Beginning…”

It started one day with an eye-opening realization. Not everyone had enough to eat or a friend or smile or heat or even a place to lay their head at night. Everyone was different. Everyone was in need and some were in need more than others. Twenties found their way into some very interesting adventures when they were put into the hands of those who cared but were unable to do. Those people then put twenties into the hands of those who saw but didn’t have twenties to give.  When hearts say help and God says move, adventures are soon to follow!!!

Traveling Twenties Adventure #7:  Paying it Forward
While talking to some friends, it was noted that not many places want homeless in or around their businesses. Some actually chased them away. One place we were told was different. They had actively changed their attitude toward those in need. We decided to stop by and see what they were doing. A few folks knew about it because they knew the proprietor. What we saw there was an interesting sign that said Pay It Forward. This is a popular idea floating around drive-thru places where people pay for the person behind them. But what does it mean in a fast food restaurant?  When we asked about it we were told the homeless walk by and can look at the board. If something is written on the board they can come in and ask for it. It has already been paid for and will be given with no charge. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! A “twenty” was just jumping out of our fingers to be given for food for someone in need so we gave the owner one. They promised to put several items of food up on the board. We encourage you to stop by your favorite fast food place, grab a bite, and PAY IT FORWARD for there are many homeless that could use a meal and this kindness too. We may not personally see who gets to eat that food but we know it will help someone who needs help and who knows? Some day they may be able to “pay it forward” too!

Adventure #8 coming soon!


A Simple Faith is pleased to announce that we are furthering the use of our awesome new building for more than just church…we’re going to host some charity concert events and the first one is planned for Saturday, April 8, 2017. Come join us at WAREHOUSE 360 for a night with “Farewell Angelina” – benefiting Path of Grace…   Doors open at 6:30pm, music starts at 7:30 pm. Donation is $20 per person. To read more and to order your tickets, click here.




9:00am – 12:00pm
12:00pm – 3:00pm


CALL:  850-267-2866 (Ask for Barbara)

2  Bible Studies!

bible study

Ongoing Wednesday Morning Bible Study.
All are welcome!

Making Sure of the Truth” is an Explorer’s Bible Study.The books covered in this study are: Philemon, Colossians, 2 Peter, Jude, and 1,2,3 John.

This is a 16-week study and we will finish the end of April.

10:00-11:30 a.m. at Simple Faith Church.

If you wish to join the study please email Jen Kelley (elle2897@gmail.com) or Judy Skinner (judyskinner29@gmail.com).  Books are $25.00 each and we will order them.


Christian History 101!
Join Ronnie at noon!history_101c


Below you will find audio links to Ronnie’s 8-part series entitled, “Christian History 101.” New audio will be uploaded as it becomes available.  If you’d like to listen and to pick up notes directly from his site, click here on www.ronniemcbrayer.org  Scroll to the bottom of the page and they’ll be there below his sermons.

AUDIO AND lecture notes are here!

Returning to Our Roots: Christian History Session #1 (AUDIO) and Session #1 Notes

Patristics and Professions: Christian History Session #2 (AUDIO) and Session #2 Notes

The Rise of Rome: Christian History Session #3 (AUDIO) and Session #3 Notes

The Muddy Middle: Christian History Session #4 (AUDIO) and Session #4 Notes 

Out of Arabia: Christian History Session #5 (Audio) and Session #5 Notes

“Kill Them All:” Christian History Session #6 (Audio) and Session #6 Notes

March 22: “Here I Stand! I Can Do No Other!” (Luther and the Reformation)
March 29: Back to the Future (Western Christianity Today)


Good food, Good conversation, good god!

A fun time was had at the potluck last Sunday Night.  Close to 40 people attended,
and I’m sure we’ll have many more!



Samaritan’s Purse has made a movie (Google FacingDarknessMovie.com) only to be shown on March 30th. It is showing next Thursday at Destin Commons. At this point, I’m not sure of the time. It is a true story of Faith saving Dr. Brantly from Ebola in Africa. “Facing Darkness” tells an incredible true story of faith, determination and prayer… and how God performed a miracle! If anyone is interested in going to see the movie, have them contact me. Nancy Gross at 850-797-6926 or nancydgross@gmail.com.


211 families were served last week!

Once a month why not come and serve with us at Rural Relief? Also remember the continuing need of diapers, feminine products and adult diapers or monetary donations. Come join us!! Talk to a Talty at 850-585-0370 or cyndibunnia@gmail.com.

If you are willing to help donate to Rural Relief, please bring items to church by the second Sunday of the month. There is a box in the front of the church where you can put your donations.

can we talk???


If you would like to have a Chat With Cyndi Talty call 850-585-0370
and plan to meet with her.


Yoga classes !

woman-practicing-yoga-lotus_smallYou are invited to a  Gentle Yoga Class with Nancy Gross, MS, RYT200+ Monday classes at A Simple Faith now will be  at 11:15 am and Thursday at 8:30 am.  Classes at 769 Eden Drive, Point Washington, Florida 32459 will be on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 9:00 am.  Please call or email your questions and reservation.  850-797-6926 or nancydgross@gmail.com]\


reader’s corner:

“And the Angels Were Silent” by Max Lucado

You can tell a lot about a person by the way he dies.

In the last week of his life, Jesus deliberately sets his face toward Jerusalem—and certain death. This is no ordinary week. Even the angels are silent as they ponder the final days of Jesus Christ.

This is no ordinary walk. Jesus doesn’t chatter. He doesn’t pause. He is on his final journey.

He walks determinedly to the holy city, angrily into the temple, wearily into Gethsemane, painfully up the Via Dolorosa. And powerfully out of the vacated tomb.

Master storyteller and best-selling author Max Lucado invites you: “Let’s follow Jesus on his final journey. For by observing his, we may learn how to make ours. And discover what matters to God.”


Greeters: Contact Terry Olive to meet and greet at firstolive33@gmail.com; Thanks greeters!

Communion Servers:Contact Barbara Tape to serve communion: barbara@digitalpark.com. Thanks servers!

Tuesdays, The Prayer Boys meet at 8:00am. Contact Kevin Simonsen at 970-259-1748 or kevin@kjsems.com




Continuing prayers would be appreciated for Kathy Davenport and her family.  She lost her sweet mom, Joyce Slattery this week.  May she rest well in the arms of Jesus.


Hilda McDonald is back at home and doing great. She is walking, getting up and down off the couch and is on only Tylenol!  Debbie is bringing food tomorrow!  All the prayers worked!!

Her phone # is 850-231-5069. She will be receiving home health care and the physical therapy for a while so just have people call her to find out a good time to visit. I somehow imagine she will be at church Sunday if you can believe it!  Thank you for all of the prayers and love that went out to my mom.

Serena Robison


Ken has been discharged from the hospital and coming home to hospice care.  Please continue to pray for us.

Lorraine and Ken Sloan


Please pray for my husband, Kurt.  He had a motorcycle accident while in Australia; he has a broken collarbone and broken ribs. Pray for a recovery and for his journey home.

Barbara Tape


Caroline Wallace has moved to Brookdale in Sandestin. Her apartment number is 120. Visitors would be wonderful!  Thank you for all the prayers!

Carolyn Mullins

communion servers


March 26…………………Jan Briscoe and Brenda Gail Speller
Melissa and Larry Davis

April 2……………………..Garry and Lynn Hedges
Linnie Delahoussaye and Lee Eyer

April 9……………………..Michael and Laura Granberry
Susan Breeden and Cindy McBrayer

April 16……………………Kurt and Barbara Tape
Rose Rogers and Jackie Losapio



Conversations at the Cross, Part 1



if you’re shopping at Amazon, please don’t forget to participate in our “His Children” mission.


When you order go to smile.amazon.com and put in the charity name “His Children Kevil Kentucky.”   Amazon will donate 0.5% of your order total to the organization. It will help provide supplies for “His Children.”



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