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Official: I am a published author, syndicated columnist, pastor, speaker, and musician. I have degrees in Christian History, Theology, and Ministry. I have been writing, speaking, leading congregations, and directing not-for-profits for more than two decades.

Unofficial: I love good stories, simple songs, strong coffee, and a shot (or two) of whiskey. On most days I am more agnostic than certain about life and faith. I’m “learning the unforced rhythms of grace” (I hope), and want others to do the same.

This Week … ending September 24

The big news this week? We’re moving! Monday afternoon we were issued our Certificate of Occupancy for our new “warehouse” location in the Blue Mountain Beach Industrial Park, so we are going to o occupy!   (See map below.) DIRECTIONS: Turn north on Blue Mountain Road, at the new traffic light on Hwy 98.  Take the…

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